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Thank you for taking the time to visit my campaign website. I hope you find it full of useful information that will inform your vote for me in November.

I’m a 25-year veteran with private-sector experience. I understand the importance of both government and local business and the balance between them. I also place huge value on treating people right and with care.

I will take politics out of the decision making for this county. Thurston County is in dire need of leadership and care and I have the track record and finesse that it takes to succeed.

A Message from Bud –

Now, more than ever, Thurston County needs leadership that stands above the political bickering and leads with a purpose to unite a stronger feeling to “leave Thurston better than the day before”. It takes a dynamic person to rally the spirit and ingenuity of many diverse thoughts, beliefs and values into an acceptable direction and solidarity. It takes a person who listens and who cares. I love public service, but most of all, I love the people – the chance to serve my neighbors. The challenges of budgets, safety and security and health complexities are so small when we are providing our best to each other. We are equally vulnerable and yet we can rise to a higher respect even if we are individually different. Those who know me and to those who will come to know me, … I am firm, tough love and no nonsense, while equally compassionate with a hug, handshake and a smile – empathy to all. My overall goals to you are to minimize risks to our community, stabilize our grow services and lead by example by setting the tone and inspiring. I’m ready to serve.

I am deeply grateful, thank you, Bud.

Notable Endorsements

Ralph Munro (Former Secretary of State)

Virgil Clarkson (Former Mayor of Lacey)

Lenny Greenstein (Lacey Council)

Ed Knunkel Jr (Lacey Council)

Joe DePinto (Yelm City Council)

Deb Edwards (Yelm School Board)

Dave Pathia (Fire Commissioner)

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